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Nanjing Ham-Ning Co., Ltd.
복합 전문 공급업체
Jiangsu, China
주요 제품:승화 찻잔, 승화 베개 케이스 및 쿠션 케이스, 승화 가방, 승화 부드러운 장난감, 승화 유리
Minor customizationSample-based customizationSupplier assessment proceduresDesign-based customization


Nanjing Ham-Ning Co., Ltd.

Why choose us?
-To supply quality products for the best value for money
-To listen seriously to the needs and ideas of our customers
-To evaluate any potential claim and in doubt always decide in favor of our customers
-To always approach our customers with goodwill and never betray their trust in us
Thus, in our factory:
-We do not accept any child labor
-We strongly support human working conditions
-We do support environmentally conscious and sustainable productions
-We fight for every job, train young people and try to create as many new jobs as possible
We passed audits of BSCI, Sedex, ISO9001, Walmart, WCA
Our goal is to be your reliable sublimation products supplier from China!

Our Main Principles

Advanced efficiency and highest level of quality control are the main guidelines, but above all are our main principles: